Uniformity Project

Electronic Filing Information 

Eleven Point Plan (Also Known As the 11-Point Plan) 

The 11-Point Plan was created as an overall strategy for combating fuel tax evasion.  The general theme behind the plan is the total accountability of fuel from tracking ownership of the fuel to the point of collection of tax and sharing information.  

Motor Fuel Electronic Commerce Survey Maps 

Motor Fuel Information by State

Motor Fuel Uniformity Book 

This book includes the latest standards and procedures recommended by the committee and approved by the section.

Native American Survey

This report provides the details on the Motor Fuel Tax Section survey of Native American issues.  

Terminal Control Number/Terminal Location Directory 

The Terminal Control Locations Directory is maintained by the IRS.  It lists all approved terminals registered as part of the taxable fuel bulk delivery system. Terminals are listed by the terminal number. If you do not know the terminal number, scan the directory to locate the state that correlates to your geographic area.