Motor Fuel e-list

The Motor Fuel e-list is a distribution list where you can share and exchange motor fuel information.  This is a public e-list and access is available to all state/federal tax agencies and private sector.  

Important note:  The list should not be used to exchange private, confidential, or sensitive taxpayer information.  

How do I subscribe to the e-list? 

If you are an FTA member: 

1. Log into the website.

2. Select My Account.

3.  Select e-list under the My Features menu.

4.  Turn on the e-list(s) you want.


If you are not an FTA member: 

Please send an email to [email protected] and request access to the Motor Fuel e-list. 

Are there tips for sending a message? 

  1. Make your subject line clear and descriptive
  2. Include your contact information at the end of the email (name, agency name, email address, and phone number)
  3. Avoid including private, confidential or sensitive taxpayer information

Important note: This is a public e-list and access is available to all state/federal tax agencies and private sector.  

As an FTA member, how do I access historical e-list conversations? 

Click here to view historical Motor Fuel e-list posts or follow these steps: 

  1. Select My Account
  2. Select e-list under the My Features menu
  3. Click on the e-list name (ex: Audit)
  4. Select the historical conversation you want to view 

Frequently asked questions

What is the Motor Fuel e-list email address?
[email protected]

How do I unsubscribe from the e-list?
On your My Account page, select e-lists on the My Features menu.  Turn off the e-list you want to unsubscribe from.   

Why was my e-list email with an attachment rejected? 
The e-list(s) can't handle attachments larger than 2MB. If you have an attachment larger than 2MB, you will have to individually address your email.

How can I send an email to one person on the e-list?  
If you need to send a personal email to an individual on the e-list and you don't have their email address, send an email to Cindy Anders-Robb at [email protected]She can provide you with the individual email address.