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On June 4, 2002 the American National Standards Institute's committee responsible for business data interchange (also known as ASC - Accredited Standards Committee - X12), approved a new Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing standard via ballot approval of X12 members.

The Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing transaction set (TS 158) was developed for use by a wireless telecommunications service provider to transmit an address or range of addresses, using US Postal Service standard components, to the holder of a sourcing database for a given state, and to receive in return the set of taxing jurisdictions having governance over that address, thus assisting in the determination of the correct tax.

The standards initiative was undertaken in response to the requirements of the federal Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act and represents the joint efforts of the MTC/FTA Wireless Task Group.

The standard was subsequently approved by the membership of both the FTA (on June 5, 2002) and the MTC (on August 2, 2002).

Data Formats and State Databases

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    • To access the "flat file" format of the Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing data set, click here.

This provides a description of the federal Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act (MTSA) and FTA and MTC responsibilities under the MTSA.

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Wireless Task Group Progress

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For minutes of the meetings of the Wireless Task Group or the TIGERS organization that shepherded it through the ANSI X12 approval process, click on the links below:

Standards Approval Progress (notes only)

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