States Conforming to IRS Filing Extension

note: On March 17, the IRS issued IR-2021-59, which provides for an automatic extension of the fling and payment date for individual 2020 income tax returns from April 15 to May 15. This extension does not apply to estimated payments.  The table below summarizes how states have conformed.  For research purposes only, see state websites for a full description of filing requirement.  See also, state efile options, and state tax forms.

as of April 19, 2021
note, click on state name to view state announcement

Filing Date

Alabama 15-Apr    
Arizona 17-May No
Arkansas 17-May No  
California 17-May No  
Colorado 17-May No  
Connecticut 17-May No  
Delaware 17-May No Estimated payments due April 30
Dist. Of Columbia 17-May No  
Georgia 17-May No  
Hawaii 20-Apr No No extension announced
Idaho 17-May No  
Illinois 17-May No  
Indiana 17-May No  
Iowa 1-Jun Yes  
Kansas 17-May No  
Kentucky 17-May No  
Louisiana 17-May -- State's filing date was already May
June 15 for taxpayers affected by winter storm
Maine 17-May No  
Maryland 15-Jul Yes  
Massachusetts 17-May No  
Michigan 17-May No  
Minnesota 17-May No  
Mississippi 17-May No  
Missouri 17-May No  
Montana 17-May No  
Nebraska 17-May No  
New Hampshire 15-Apr No No extension announced - taxes interest/dividends
New Jersey 17-May No  
New Mexico 17-May No  
New York 17-May No  
North Carolina 17-May No Penalties waived but interest accruesbe charged from April 15
North Dakota 17-May No  
Ohio 17-May No  
Oklahoma 15-Apr Yes Returns are still due by April 15,
payments delayed until June 15still due by April 15
Oregon 17-May No  
Pennsylvania 17-May No  
Rhode Island 17-May No  
South Carolina 17-May No  
Tennessee 17-May n/a Hall tax on interest/dividends repealed for 2021
Utah 17-May No  
Vermont 17-May No  
Virginia 17-May No data was May 3, interest accrues
West Virginia 17-May No  
Wisconsin 17-May No  


Source: Compiled by FTA from various sources.

* whether estimated payments are included in the extension.
No income tax in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.