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Tax Preparers, Companies, and Financial Institutions: Any breach of personal information could have an effect on the victim’s tax accounts with the states as well as the IRS.  To protect the victims, you should email the Federation of Tax Administrators at [email protected] to get information on how to report victim information to the states. 

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Today (June 21) the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with South Dakota that physical presence is not necessary to create a substantial nexus.  The court would permit any definition of substantial nexus in a state that meets other Constitutional limits.  

This is the latest and most monumental of many legal cases that seek to define substantial nexus.  the Court has invited some details of the South Dakota law to be further considered by lower courts.

Physical presence always has been a unique construct for deciding sales and use tax substantial nexus.

The Court's decision essentially says that Interstate Commerce sales tax cases are to be decided just like any other tax.

Click here for the opinion.

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