FTA Staff

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Executive Director: Gale Garriott

Deputy Director: Verenda Smith,

Coordination and liaison with IRS, other federal agencies and other associations. Primary editor for the weekly TaxExPRESS. Communications and general media inquiries.

Ronald Alt, Senior Manager of Economic and Tax Research

State tax policy research, database maintenance, economic research.

Cindy Anders-Robb, Senior Manager of Motor Fuel and Tobacco Taxes 

Coordinating the activities of the FTA Motor Fuel Tax Section and Tobacco Tax Section including Uniformity efforts, Training, and Annual and Regional Meetings.

Carol Faulb, Accounting and Finance

Terry Garber, Technology Consultant

Technology initiatives; as State Co-Chair of FTA E-Standards, works with states to develop and implement standards for applications such as Modernized eFile (MeF), new tax refund fraud detection and prevention measures, Employment tax applications, and others; provides technical consulting and support for technology-related state uniformity efforts for all taxes including motor fuel and tobacco; coordinates and moderates working sessions for standards development at face meetings and via conference calls and webinars.


Charlie Helms, Manager, Regional Events (MSATA, NESTOA and WSATA)


Organizes and facilitates annual conferences for the Midwestern, Northeastern and Western regions. 

Jonathan Lyon, Senior Manager of Tax Technology and Standards

Technology initiatives; assists states in building standards for and implementing applications such as Modernized e-File (MeF), new tax refund fraud detection and prevention measures, 2-D Barcoding, and others; leadsprovides senior staff support for technology-related state technical uniformity efforts for all taxes including motor fuel and tobacco. Provides staff leadership for the FTA-IRS Tactical Advisory Group, FTA-NACTP Fraud Working Group and IRS Security Summit, and directs the FTA Technology Conference and Exhibition.

Ryan Minnick, Manager, Special Projects

Coordinates the TaxAdmin.org platform; provides strategic input and executes technical and infrastructure initiatives.

Darrell Reeves, Office Manager

General office management; assists with meeting preparations and registration. 

Terri Steenblock, Manager, Compliance

Oversight of FTA's Audit and Compliance initiatives and the state Suspicious Filers Program.  Advisor on state use of data for fraud and audit discovery.

Linda Tanton, Chief Counsel

Provides analysis of Supreme Court and significant state tax cases; directs the information exchange agreement; assists with certain legislative and conference activities.