2010 Electronic Filing Symposium

May 2-5, 2010 • Grand Hyatt Buckhead • Atlanta, GA 30305

aced with scarce resources and dwindling budgets, states must become more efficient in processing tax data. The Federation of Tax Administrators Electronic Filing Symposium provides a forum for states and industry to share their best practices and the latest standards in electronic filing. The Symposium also is the once-a-year opportunity for state tax agencies, the IRS and software developers to coordinate the three essential pieces of this special cooperative program.

The Symposium was held May 2-5 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hotel.

Presentations and Podcasts are now available.

Addtional Meetings:
There was a FTA Tax Advisory Group (TAG) meeting on May 5-6, to which government attendees were invited. Also, the FTA Free File Best Practices Advisory Group will also meet. All attendees are welcome to attend to learn more about the group and its planned activies.

Presentations and Podcasts