2010 Electronic Filing Symposium

May 2-5, 2010 • Grand Hyatt Buckhead • Atlanta, GA 30305


Monday, May 3, 2010

IRS e-file Overview, Challenges, Changes
Norma Brudwick, Acting Director, Electronic Tax Administration and Refundable Credits, IRS
Social Security Administration - The Future of Issuing Numbers
Chuck Liptz, Director, Division of Electronic Services Support and Communications, SSA
Kathy Tompkins, Lead Project Manager, SSA

IRS e-file Overview, Challenges, Changes
Norma Brudwick, Acting Director, Electronic Tax Administration and REfundable Credits, IRS

Modernized E-file Update
Robert Bedoya, Director e-Channel Support
Carol Mullins, Director Submission Processing, MITS, IRS
IRS Pre-Refund Compliance Strategy & Vision
Verlinda Paul, Director, Earned Income Tax Credit, IRS
Implementation of the Tax Return Preparer Regulations and the E-file Preparer Mandate

David Williams, Director, Electronic Tax Administration & Refundable Credits, IRS

Fed/State 1040 MeF Tax Professional Experiences
 Terry Garber, South Carolina-Moderator  
 Larry Gray, CPA, National Association of Tax Professionals,
   Senior Partner Alfermann & Gray CPA Co.
 Benson Goldstein Senior Technical Manager - Taxation,
   American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (invited)  
 Terry Hunt, EFile Coordinator, Kansas  
 Rance Downer, MeF Technical Coordinator, Oregon  
 Delcie Miller,  Program Analyst  Eta & Refundable Credits E-
   Channel Support, IRS  
Juanita Wueller, Program Analyst ETA & Refundable Credits E-Channel Support,IRS  
IRS Marketing
Nancy Mathis, Acting Brand Manager
Electronic Tax Administration & Refundable Credits
2D Bar Coding
Dennis K. Jones, Management Program Analyst
Project Management Section, IRS
Online Fraud Detection and Identity Theft
Elizabeth A. Boyd, Associate Director Outreach and Analysis, Online Fraud Detection and Prevention, IRS

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
States Experiences– Surviving Year One of 1040 MeF
 Mark Ruth, EFile Coordinator
NACTP- Testing and Communications between States and Industry
Johnetta Baugham - Liberty TAx
Rebecca McCaulley - Petz Engerprises
Paul Gagni - Liberty Tax
TIGERS MeF Updates, Changes, and New on the Horizon

Terry Garber, South Carolina, TIGERS Co-Chairperson
Greg Martinez, Intuit, TIGERS Co-Chairperson

Efile Marketing
Rebecca Stensland, Georgia
"Because When Business Succeeds, Indiana Succeeds" - An Endeavor in "Carrot" Compliance

Stephanie McFarland, Director of Public Relations, Indiana
Steve Asbell, State TAG Member, Colorado
STATE UPDATES (see podcasts)
State representatives provide and overview of current and future programs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FTA Free File Advisory Group Progress and Marketing Efforts
Donna Muccilli, FTA, Moderator
Lucas Asche, North Dakota
Keith Wicker, South Carolina
Russ Sprouse, Intuit
David Macklin, Computer and Communication Industry Association Slides 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Nancy Mathis, Acting Brand Manager, ETA (see podcasts for WMV files)
Peter Maser, Senior Program Analyst, ETA
NACHA/FTA Partnership on State Tax Change Notifications
Jonathan Lyon, FTA
Robert Unger, Senior Director, NACHA
NACTP - Standards and Strengthening the Partnership between Industry and States
Greg Martinez - Intuit
Rebecca McCaulley - Petz Enterprises
Identity Theft, Fraud Detection and Criminal Prosecutions
Staci Guest, Director of the Office of Special Investigations, Georgia